Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Return of Yellow Peril

With the remake of Red Dawn with North Korean terrorists, came a huge response from viewers exclaiming anti-Asian sentiments.  A selection of tweets below:
But recently, a new trailer has been released for Olympus has Fallen featuring evil North Korean terrorists taking over the White House.  Watch the trailer after the jump.
So what is going on with all the Asian haters?  A lot of it is extremely political and inducing anti-Asian propaganda, which is obviously working based on people's tweets. North Koreans make the perfect Asian bad guys because of their reputation for nuclear weapons and not so friendly relationship with the United States. A lot of this Yellow Peril can be contributed to China's rise as a superpower and the United States being threatened by them.  A great example of this is the US military presence in the Philippines and their eventual clash with China over the Spratly Islands because of precious oil found there.  The Spratly Islands really do deserve their own post.

There is also a large issue of xenophobia attached to this.  With immigration of Asians rising rapidly and the new statistics stating Asian immigrants now being a larger population than Latin@ immigrants in California, there is a new threat to white American society.  It was seen as recently as Gangnam Style by Psy being performed at the American Music Awards with what was seen as a victory for Asia America, was met with a lot of backlash from those who deemed the Korean performer not American enough for the show.  This was also met with the digging of Psy's anti-American song, which strongly agitated people ignorant to the crap the United States has done to lead to the colonization of Korea by Japan.

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