Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The US's Obligation to its Undocumented Residents

Undocumented students of California and the United States have been getting some good news with the California DREAM Act and Deferred Action being passed in recent years, but the reality of the situation still exists: they all still run the risk of deportation, something Obama has promised to stop but in reality has actually increased.

And Barack Obama is still deporting a massive amount of people and there are large numbers of people who believe that these people should not be here. Little do they know that it's the US's fault to begin with.

The United States has a huge ego. It believes that it has the massive obligation to spread its awesomeness to other countries by essentially telling their people that they are uncivilized little brown people. Yup, it's all colonization's fault.

The United States' idea of "benevolent assimilation" included the introduction of capitalism and the global market.  This lead to the mass amount of wealth in the country to be carried by a very small percentage of the population.  The introduction of the global market also paves the way for exploiting the local people with outsourced jobs and sweat shops paying well under our standards of minimum wage.  These, along with many other factors, led to the widespread poverty and a weak economy.

The United States also put themselves on a pedestal, westernizing as many countries as they can, creating a desire to become more "Americanized" and to live in the United States.  Combined with the poverty they created, this is the perfect formula to create widespread desire and sometime desperation to immigrate to the United States.  Though this obligation is relatively unseen by many Americans, it exists..  The effects of colonialism today are ignored and the citizens of these victimized countries are constantly blamed and degraded when the United Stated owes them so much for all of the atrocities they committed upon the people.  The lasting effects of colonialism are subtle but are widespread and have a greater effect on the world than many seem to notice.

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