Sunday, October 21, 2012

Number Crunching

Jeff Tedford
Ever wondered how much money your professor actually makes? How about your advisors? The admin staff at Financial Aid you always bug in the beginning of the year? The food servers at the dining commons?

Luckily for you, there's a website dedicated solely to bringing transparency to compensation at the UC. Below are some key personnel from Berkeley and their gross pay from the 2011 calendar year:

  • Robert Reich, Professor of Public Policy and former Secretary of Labor - $235,791
  • Robert Birgeneau, Chancellor - $445,716
  • Jeff Tedford, Football Coach - $2,884,880

Is Cal winning any games this year? I haven't even paid attention. That seven-figure salary makes me think I should be more invested, though. is your destination for all UC employee compensation information. Click on the drop-down menu labeled "Location" to pick a campus (or if you feel like brandishing a pitchfork, pick UCOP), and enter the first and last names of an employee.

Get ready to waste hours snooping on people's salaries. Yes, even mine.

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