Monday, October 8, 2012

Indigenous People's Day (Columbus Day for the colonizers)

Today marks the day that Christopher Columbus began his onslaught against the indigenous groups of the United States.  This day is marked to "celebrate" the "discovery" of America, which, by default, celebrates the mass genocide of the Native Americans in the pursuit of colonizing their land.  Not cool.

Columbus is the one who created lasting contact between the Americas and Europe, spreading disease and creating pandemics.  They enslaved the native peoples and systematically killed whole ethnic groups.  He introduced these people to Europe and destroyed the way of life they once knew.

This movement for Indigenous People's Day was started in Berkeley, CA in 1992 and is meant to be a counter celebration to Columbus Day.  The renaming of Columbus Day has moved to other cities and some have taken up the name Native American Day.  Some cities even name the day after their own indigenous ethnic groups.  Conservative groups consider this renaming as revisionist history but considering everything the United States has revised and excluded from our knowledge, this is simply the opposite.  It's the truth.

Do you celebrate Indigenous People's Day or Columbus Day?

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