Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cyber Martial Law

In the Philippines today, the Cyber Crime Prevention Act of 2012 was passed which outlaws hacking, online trafficking, file sharing, and spamming.  The biggest reason this law is being actively opposed is that it outlaws "online libel".  Libel is defamation through written or printed words and this part of the law was added last minute by Vicente Sotto III.  There are no rules or regulations attached to their definition of libel, which would make it a free for all in deciding what is libel and what is not.  And those making those decisions are of course, the "leaders" of the nation, who would silence and criminalize all those who are in opposition with the government, government officials and those holding office. Look familiar?  Well, it does resemble the way that Ferdinand Marcos imposed martial law upon the Philippines and silenced his opponents.  Fun stuff right?

Not only that, but those who are shown to be in agreement with the statement seen as "libelous" would also be persecuted.  Examples would be retweeting, liking on Facebook, reblogging on tumblr, etc.  So your own families in the Philippines could very well be in trouble.  Political activists have been disappearing and this law further elevates the power they have in making opposition disappear.

It also affects the educational system, that already teaches students to be westernized and to favor all things colonized, and further scaring students from thinking critically about the country they live in.  The government is trying to control their actions and thoughts and limit the exposure that these thoughts and ideas can get.  The Philippines is slowly losing its personal freedoms.

To learn more, check out: http://raissarobles.com/2012/09/18/who-inserted-that-libel-clause-in-the-cybercrime-law-at-the-last-minute/

To sign the petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/junk-the-cybercrime-prevention-law

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